Three Unique Ideas For Decorative Wood Plaques To Give Your Business A Personal Touch

Posted on: 22 December 2014

If you are the owner of a small business, you want your business to stand out. You may also want to have unique decor that says a lot about you and your business. This is something that can be done with decorative plaques, which can be made out of all sorts of materials. Plaques can be made out of wood and metal with 3D computer-aided designs, which are cut out of raw materials with a CNC machine, or handcrafted designs that you do yourself.

If you want unique signs for your business, here are four ways you can use custom wall plaques:

1. Handmade Wooden Plaques For Your Business

Wooden plaques can add a lot of character to your business. These signs can be cut from wood blocks and have any type of design you want in them. If you want to have wood decorative plaques for the decor of your business, many artisans can make these plaques for you using traditional woodworking and carving techniques.

They may cost a little more than CNC router designs, but they have a lot more character. You will also have a unique decorative plaque that is like no other, which will give your business more of a unique personal touch.  There are many communities of woodworkers that can make exactly what you need.

2. 3D Metal Signage With CNC Routing

If you want the plaques in your business to have more of a modern look, CNC routing is a great option. This method can allow you to have plaques made out of all sorts of materials including wood and metal. You may want to have a 3D design carved out of metal, which can be done with a 3D routing machine. This is something that you can provide your own 3D design for using open source 3D design programs, or you can have the sign company design and make you plaques from the raw materials.

3. Custom Backlighting And Decorative Plaques With LED Lighting

You can also combine many different methods of making decorative plaques, and have backlighting installed using LED lighting. You can do this with plastics, metals and wood, and hide the lighting in different areas of the sign. If you are installing a sign outside, it can use a solar cell to power small LED lights that are behind the sign.

You can do this yourself by getting the cheap landscape lights with solar cells, and then taking them apart to put the light behind the sign and the solar cell in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. You can also get solar cell LED backlighting kits to do this.

These are some of the ways you can use decorative wall plaques for your business. If you need help with the design and creation of these signs for your business, contact a custom plaque maker and ask what they can do for you.