Four DIY Living Room Updates

Posted on: 22 January 2015

If your living room is in need for a face lift, there are some inexpensive updates that you can do to make your living room items look as good as new. Updating living room furniture and areas with paint, covers and rugs can make your living room look brand new without new furniture. Here are four DIY living room updates that are easy to do.

1. Update Your Couch Cover

If your couch has seen better days but the structure is still sound, a new cover can make your couch as good as new. Reupholstering can be expensive, but these days there are plenty of alternatives you can cover your existing couch with. Pre-made fitted covers are inexpensive and instantly change the look. If you have some sewing experience under your belt, you can easily shape fabric to your couch to match the new look of your living room.

2. Sand and Varnish Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables end up seeing the worst of it. Glass rings, stains, and scratches on your coffee table can make your living room look shabby, but can be touched up with sanding and a new coat of varnish. This is a good project for outside in warmer weather. A simple sanding can buff out all imperfections, then coat with varnish so your table looks brand new.

3. Repaint Chairs and Tables

If your chairs and tables might not have a unified look, you can upgrade your look with a fresh coat of paint to bring the room together. If you are going with a specific color scheme, you can pick a new color and upgrade pieces in your living room to match.

4. New Rugs for a New Look

If your hardwood floors have seen better days, or your carpets might have some stains to hide, a new area rug can instantly change the look of your living room. A well-matched rug to go with the rest of your living room can bring a new look to your space. Rugs can also section off parts of your living room to give different spaces definition.

Upgrading your living room on a budget can be easier than you think. Try to see the big picture and upgrade your furniture to have a unified look and fit in with the flow of your home. You don't have to put a bunch of money into an upgrade or bring in new furniture. If you can work with what your have and be a little creative, your living room will look brand new and stylish in no time.