Organize Your Closets For More Space

Posted on: 6 February 2015

As the new year is already well under way, you have probably set some new goals for yourself. If one of them is to get your clothes closet in order, there are some helpful tips that will make the job a lot easier for you.

Be Merciless - Get rid of things you don't use. Ask yourself if you have worn a certain piece of clothing or carried a certain purse in the last several months. If you realize that you have not picked that particular item out of your closet for quite a while, consider giving it to somebody who will actually use it.

Another idea is to collect the items you don't use and take them to a consignment shop that will sell them for you. Even though they will keep a percentage of the sale, you'll still come away with money to spend on something that will actually be used. 

Empty Your Closet Of Non-Clothing Items - It's easy to make your closet a catch-all place. If your closet now holds books, papers, or anything else that isn't related to clothing, find a new place for them to be kept. If you don't have another place for them, at least put them into neat boxes and stack them in a place where they don't dominate space, but where you can retrieve them when you need them.

Designate Areas In Your Closet - After you have combed through your closet for items that you won't be using anymore, begin the organization process.

  • Separate clothes into different seasons, usually just clothes for spring and summer and those for fall and winter. 
  • Your closet will look a lot nicer when you hang dresses together and then follow that same plan with skirts, slacks, shirts and blouses, and so on. 
  • Use every bit of space that you can, and be creative. For example, a hanging shoe bag can also hold scarves, belts and other accessories. A hanging makeup bag will serve well as a jewelry holder.

Consider Using A Self Storage Unit - You may be very surprised to find that renting a storage unit is quite affordable. If you simply don't have enough space at home, consider renting a unit for your off-season clothing, suitcases, and other belongings that you don't use on a regular basis. Your things will be very safe and they will usually be kept in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Another benefit of renting a storage unit is that you can get to it any time you need to. If it's winter and you decide to go on a warm-weather cruise, you will have the knowledge that you can retrieve your shorts, swimsuit and suitcases, and you can do it easily. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions you have.