2 Ways You Can Embrace Aromatherapy When You Have Sensitive Skin

Posted on: 18 June 2015

If you have sensitive skin, then you know all-too-well that one type of ingredient you must typically avoid in skincare products and even your laundry detergent is scent. Your sensitive skin may keep you from being able to apply that great, uplifting citrus body lotion or use that relaxing lavender bath-bomb in your evening bath, but don't think it has to keep you away from great scents and aromatherapy altogether. Using alternative solutions to fill the room and hit your nose with great-smelling and mood-altering scents may lead to you never missing those scented body products again. 

1. Try Tealight Oil Warmers

Tealight oil warmers are great to use for aromatherapy, and as an added bonus, they also double as home decor. They are typically made from ceramic or other glass, and you simply pour a little scented oil into the top compartment of them and light a tea candle underneath to heat the oil. 

Don't worry, because the gentle heat from the tea candle does not burn the oil, but it instead heats it enough to allow it to slowly evaporate and fill the room with a great scent. 

You can place one warmer in the kitchen or living area and fill it with an uplifting scented oil, such as bergamot or mandarin, and let the energizing scent help you power through those household chores or help you concentrate while you work at the computer on that important thesis paper. 

Place another in the bathroom, and fill it with relaxing lavender or vanilla scented oil, so you can enjoy these scents during your bath without using irritating scented bubble baths or bath bombs. Other scented oils can help when you are feeling depressed or anxious, and you may end up noticing that you don't need that evening cocktail when your home is filled with relaxing scents. 

2. Embrace Oil Sniffing

When you need a quick pick-me-up away from home or you need a scent to help combat that anxiety before a big meeting, don't let it upset you that you cannot wear a scented lotion that can help combat these bad feelings. You can purchase those same essential oils that others are able to use in their skincare products, but instead just take them and inhale the aroma that unleashes when you open the bottle for a quick whiff of mood-altering scent. 

If you are using tealight oil warmers and have already found your favorite scents to combat your unwanted moods, then you can decant a bit of the oils you love most into tiny containers to keep in your purse. You can the pull them out whenever you need a quick mood boost from their great scents. 

If you have sensitive skin and you can't take advantage of the mood-altering aromatherapy body products, then try using tealight oil warmers to fill the room with scent instead. Remember that the scent only has to hit your nose to do its job, and scented body products are only one of many delivery options for great scents.