Duct ~ Duct ~ Ewww: The Nasty Truth About Leaking Ductwork

Posted on: 23 December 2015

If you have leaking ductwork, your home may be riddled with several problems that you have not realized are related to the ducts. Malfunctioning ducts can negatively impact indoor air quality resulting in respiratory issues. They may also result in property owners having higher energy costs associated with their heating and cooling due to energy being lost and wasted through the leaking ducts. The following issues represent some of the most common and serious problems leaky ductwork can cause.

Humid Air

Perhaps you have not seen unexplained moisture settling on surfaces, which is a sign of humid conditions, but you may have noticed that the air in your home usually feels clammy. This could be because defective ducts are causing poor air circulation.

If you try to make the air less humid by running the air conditioning, you will likely still not achieve dehumidified air. Instead, you may find that you are constantly running the AC trying to get your home feeling comfortable. Installing a dehumidifier is a temporary fix for this type of issue, however due to the potential for energy loss and other issues related to leaky ducts, a repair should be planned in the near future.

Lethal Air

Air duct issues can contribute to potentially fatal circumstances. When ducts are not sealed properly, there is a chance that a draft can occur. The air draft may result in exhaust fumes being drawn back into your home. Carbon monoxide is an example of a potentially lethal exhaust fume that can be back drafted due to leaky ducts, and a gas furnace is an example of an appliance that could cause the hazardous exchange.

Polluted Air

There are some instances where leaky ducts may compromise air quality to the point where sickness occurs although the air may not contain lethal gas. Polluted air should be considered a priority fix because it can aggravate allergies and serve as a precursor of potentially more serious duct issues in the future.

A crawlspace is an example of an area that may contain contaminants as a result of not being a commonly accessed area. Dust and other debris can likely be found in these types of areas. If there are gaps or leaks in the ductwork, the contaminants from these areas may contribute to indoor air pollution.

An air conditioning repair professional is the best resource to use for ductwork inspections. This is because some other problems may appear to be related to ducts, but they may be related to another issue. For example, high energy costs could be the result of inadequate insulation or older appliances rather than duct issues.