How To Prevent And Treat Lawn Fungus

Posted on: 20 January 2016

If you notice problems with your grass such as gooey substance or brown patches, then you may have a lawn fungus. It's one of those things that are easier to prevent than treat so it's best to take care of your lawn properly to prevent it from happening.


There are several things that you may be doing wrong that could make your lawn more susceptible to lawn fungus. Here are a few of the top errors that cause lawn fungus due to poor maintenance.

  • Improper mowing: If you cut your grass too short or if your mower blades are dull, then this can cause the growth of your grass to be stunted. This makes it weak and more easily invaded by disease and fungus.
  • Improper watering: Fungus likes to grow in wet conditions. If your grass stays continuously wet without being able dry properly, then this can cause fungus to grow. If you really need to water, do it early so the blades can dry off properly during the day. However, make sure you don't water midday as the hot sun beating down on your grass will burn it.
  • Improper fertilization: Fungus can happen when your grass is weak from being deficient of nutrients, so fertilize your lawn regularly. Make sure you follow the directions carefully because over fertilizing can also cause fungus.


If you're unable to keep lawn fungus away, then treat it quickly before it gets too bad. There are fungicides that you can buy that work for most lawns or you can do soil tests to find out the best kind for your particular lawn type. You can also spot-treat small patches infected with fungus using materials such as tea or baking soda solutions.

If certain areas of your lawn continuously fall victim to lawn fungus no matter what you do, then you can either call in a professional like Superior Lawn and Landscape or consider changing that area to some type of lawn feature such as a flower bed or rock garden. Remember after you treat lawn fungus, your grass is unlikely to grow back so you will need to replant your grass in that area.

Lawn fungus can be a pain to eradicate so remember to help your lawn by keeping it in the best shape possible. Good lawn care is the best defense against pesky lawn fungus. If you do need to treat for lawn fungus, then try natural treatments first. Lastly, don't ignore the problem; take care of it right away so you can get your lawn back to normal as quickly as possible.