Know A First Time Homeowner? The Best Non-Conventional Gifts

Posted on: 17 March 2016

If a family member or close friend has recently bought their first home and you are looking to get them a gift the can really use, you want to skip the local home décor store. Instead of getting them a candle or something to hang on the wall, get them something that they can really use.

The homeowner needs thing that will help them take care of their new investment. Here are a few different options you purchase for the homeowners if you know they don't have the items.

Outdoor Power Tools

Does the homeowner need a lawn mower, weed whip, leaf blower or any other outdoor power equipment, like that from Joe's Tractor Sales Inc, to help them with their lawn maintenance needs? If so, these are great gift ideas because they may not be at the top of the priority list for the homeowner, or the homeowner may not want to spend the money on the items.

A Grill  

A gas grill they can use in the garage or on a back patio is a great gift to help them enjoy their new home and entertain. You can accompany this gift with tools, a grill cover and any other items that you think will go well with the item. If they are interested in a charcoal or infrared grill, you'll want to explore all your grill options before making a purchase.

Cleaning Service

Have you noticed at the house that the gutters are filled, the drains are slow, or that there are other problems? Pay for a plumbing company to do a pipe cleaning, for a gutter cleaning company to do a gutter inspection and cleaning. These may be tasks that they don't know how to do, and that they aren't sure who to hire for the work. Professional painting, carpet cleaning or chimney cleaning are other suggestions you can try.

As a new homeowner it can be hard to know what you really need, and there are so many different expenses that come along with buying your first home. Take a walk around the home and talk with them about what they have to take care of the house and what they need, so you can get them something that they will use regularly. They will get tons of item that aren't necessary to help maintain their financial purchase, but you can give them a gift that will be useful for years.