How Installing A New Water Softener Can Make Cleaning A Breeze

Posted on: 16 May 2016

If you dread cleaning out your bath and shower because of the rust and scale buildup, you're not alone. The Salt Institute reports that just over 89 percent of all households have hard water deposits. While rainwater initially contains no rust, it can pick up substances over time that will eventually end up in your water and inside your home. By installing a whole-house water softener, you'll be able to stop hard water from affecting your household pipes and other surfaces. The result is cleaner water and less grime to deal with. Here are some ways that a water softener can help make your toughest cleaning jobs easier.

Eliminate Laundry Odors

Once you get a new water softener installed in your home, one thing you'll notice is that your laundry will smell better. Before, dirty clothes that used to smell like sulfur or underlying odors, will smell clean and fresh when washed in softened water. If you found that with hard water, you had to use more soap and fabric softener than recommended, you'll find that less product is required to achieve cleaner, softer laundry. For all of your laundry cleaning tasks, clothes will resist fading and you'll find that whites will be brighter than before.

Toilets Stay Cleaner Longer

Your toilet battles enough stains on a daily basis. Trying to keep your toilet odor-free with high rust, lime and contaminants settling in the tank around the clock, can be difficult. Adding a whole-house water softener unit helps to remove impurities in the water that lead to stains and water rings. Soft water will help keep your tank cleaner and smelling fresh, even when you don't clean it after each use.

Tap Water Tastes Better

A water softener works when dirty water passes through a filter in the system that contains resin beads. The filter traps contaminants as well as magnesium and calcium through an ion exchange resin. From there, the water is purified and exchanged for sodium ions from the salt in the tank. The result is clean water free from bothersome tastes, residue and odors. This makes the water soft to drink and helps to make your ice cubes crystal clear. This should also eliminate scrubbing off residue and lime rings inside your drinking cups and dishes. 

Sinks And Showers Look New

Getting down on your knees and scrubbing sinks, showers and toilets can be a real chore with hard water buildup. You may have to use chemical cleaning products to clean and remove rust stains. With water softeners, you will find that your cleaning time is cut in half and your surfaces won't have a visible residue.

Call your local water softener company today to discuss what type of water treatment is best for your home and budget.