Three Things To Look For When Shopping For Sofa Upholstery

Posted on: 7 June 2016

The options are virtually endless when it comes to choosing the right sofa. Finding the perfect color, fabric, and price all play a part in it, but there are other options you need to consider when purchasing such an important piece of furniture. A sofa can serve multiple purposes including sitting, sleeping, and socializing with friends.In an effort to make sure your sofa is both aesthetically appealing and functional, you need to consider the type of upholstery fabric first and foremost. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right fabric for your sofa at a fabric store

Style of Fabric

The style of fabric needs to complement both the home and the style of sofa you have. If you have a traditional frame, then you want to pick out a fabric that is more of a traditional style. The same can be said for a contemporary style of sofa. You also want to consider the theme you have throughout your home. It is best to stick with that same theme throughout rather than changing it up with a sofa. And last, you want to consider the pattern when you are looking at the fabric styles. If the room is on the larger side, you can stick to larger patterns; however, a small room would require a sofa with a smaller pattern style of fabric. 

Durability of Fabric

There are about 79.7 million households with a pet, according to a 2015-2016 survey conducted by APPA. Chances are you either own a pet now or you will consider getting one sometime in the future. If so, you want to make sure the durability of the sofa upholstery is strong, as many pets have some type of contact with the furniture. From pet hair to pet stains, you can expect some issues when you combine animals and furniture. To help stop pet issues from messing up your sofa, you want to stick with durable fabrics like microfiber or leather. Both of these are easy to clean and very resistant to stains. 

Fade Resistant

Placement of your sofa is important if you want the color to remain steadfast. If you leave your sofa in front of a window, you can expect the color to fade over time. The best way to gauge how fade resistant the sofa may be is to check the label on the fabric. This is rated using a 1-5 scale, with a 1 equaling most likely to fade. If you choose a fabric that is likely to fade, make sure you keep it protected as much as possible and away from the direct sunlight.