Five Ways To Wow Neighbors On A Limited Remodeling Budget

Posted on: 2 July 2016

If you want to do something around your home that will wow your neighbors, friends, and family, consider some projects that make a big impact on a limited budget. You don't need thousands of dollars to make a dramatic difference in how your home looks and functions, and many of these ideas can be implemented with little cash out of your pocket.

Five remodeling projects that make a big impact on a limited budget are:

1. Install new shutters. One way to make your home look completely fresh and different is to add new shutters. Depending on where you live, storm shutters will protect your windows and home during inclement weather, or you may choose strictly cosmetic shutters to install on the sides of your exterior windows. Either way, shutters give you the opportunity to bring a pop of color and a polished look to your home. A company like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley can give you more information.

2. Create a lush landscape. It doesn't cost a lot of money to plant something, and beautiful flowers, shrubs, or a vegetable garden can bring a lot of joy to the entire family. Visit area nurseries to determine the best plants for your hardiness zone, and to pick up seedlings that will thrive without a green-thumb.

3. You can't beat paint. If you are working on a shoe-string budget, consider investing in a couple cans of paint. A fresh coat of paint, inside or out, can make a dramatic difference in how your home looks. Talk with retailers about specific brands that don't require a separate primer, which can save even more money.

4. Add that second bathroom. If you want to spend a little more on a project that can increase the overall value of your property, invest in a second bathroom. It is estimated that adding a half-bath to a home (just a toilet and sink) can improve property values over ten percent! Besides improving the appeal for potential real estate buyers, adding a second bath brings convenience to any household.

5. Build something. Depending on the budget that you are working with, a shed, pergola, or even a patio can increase living space and home storage. If you are lacking in funds for a detached building, consider adding a simple and inexpensive deck to your home, or construct a simple overhead for year-round protection from the elements.

Don't delay doing something this season to make your home more inviting and comfortable, or to enhance the curb appeal. These projects vary in cost and skill, but are perfect for homeowners seeking to do something dramatic without an inflated budget. Talk with contractors and retailers to get started on your own home improvement and wow your neighbors!