Home Gutter Installation: Are Gutters Necessary?

Posted on: 12 January 2021

Homes need protection from rain to prevent damage. Gutters are essential for homes because they guide storm and rainwater off the roof and away from the home's foundation. This ensures the home's structural well-being. However, to work effectively, the installer must install the gutters correctly and homeowners must keep them clean and debris-free.

Homeowners often have questions about gutters, so getting the answers can help them keep their homes free from water damage.

Are Gutters Necessary?

Yes, your home needs gutters. Clean, well-working gutters are essential for many reasons. Gutters help the home by preventing water damage and mold growth. There are a couple of good reasons why gutters are essential for your home.

Protect The Home's Siding: Without siding, water from rain showers and storms run down the home's siding. This not only makes the home look bad but also leads to rotting. Wood siding is most susceptible to rotting, but water can damage other materials as well. This can cause cracks or holes that allow insects or other pests to enter the walls of your home, and maybe even inside your home.

Help Prevent Basement Flooding: Without gutters on the home to direct water away, water can run down off the roof and saturate the ground around the home. This creates pressure on the home's walls and eventually leads to cracking that allows water into the basement. This water can also crack the home's foundation walls. 

Other Benefits Of Gutters

Rain gutter installation also benefits your landscape. Gutters and downspouts direct water to areas where it won't harm landscape structures.

  • Helps to direct water away to prevent erosion and flooding of flower beds around the home.
  • Keep water off shrubs that might freeze and cause plant damage
  • Directs water flow to avoid erosion of slopes and other landscapes

Can Homeowners Install Gutters?

You can install your gutters on your home, but if they are not installed correctly, it can lead to problems. Also, paying someone to install may seem costly, but you do get some type of guarantee that the gutters are installed correctly. You'll save money by ensuring the gutters are doing their job to prevent water damage.

Since gutters are an important part of the home and they offer protection from water, it's best to hire someone with experience in rain gutter installation to ensure they are placed correctly and direct water away from the home and flowerbeds or shrubbery.