Have Epoxy Flooring In Your Home? 3 Simple Ways To Maintain It In Perfect Condition

Posted on: 30 July 2021

Epoxy flooring is one of the most unique, affordable, and elegant flooring options you can have in your home. It gives your floor a glossy finish and increases the amount of light reflection in the home. It revitalizes a dull concrete floor, making it shinier and beautiful. However, you have to maintain it if you want the floor to look amazing for decades. Here are three simple ways to maintain your epoxy flooring in excellent condition. 

Routine Cleaning

The first step in caring for any floor, particularly epoxy flooring, is regular cleaning. One of the best ways to care for an epoxy floor is by wiping off liquids, solids, and other substances as soon as they spill on the floor. While epoxy is quite resistant to staining, leaving pigmented fluids on the floor surface will lead to eventual staining. You can use a simple bucket and mop to clean the stain. Also, use a vacuum cleaner to remove debris and dust from the surface of the epoxy floor. 

Getting Rid of the Tough Stains

The second care and maintenance process to consider is how to deal with stains once they develop. Engine oil and grease are some of the regular sources of permanent stains on epoxy flooring. The best way to remove these stains is by wiping them off using a combination of water and ammonia. You can soak a mop in the ammonia solution and let it absorb it for ten to thirty minutes. 

After the soak, wipe the surface slowly and check to confirm that the stain has dissolved. Consider deep-cleaning your epoxy floor at least once or twice a year. During the deep cleaning cycle, you remove stubborn stains and restore the epoxy floor to its vibrant condition.

Use the Appropriate Cleaning Products

If you want your epoxy floor to last decades, think carefully about the cleaning products to use on it. The regular mop deck and soapy water are excellent for daily cleaning. However, you might have to use strong cleaning products for the stains and deep cleaning cycles. 

Consult with a trusted supplier about the best cleaning products for your epoxy floor. Remember that the fumes from the cleaning products will become part of your indoor air. Therefore, choose the cleaning products that will make your life in the house bearable and promote your overall well-being.

Epoxy flooring is an amazing and unique flooring option for your home and garage. You can get decades of service from the floor as long as you install and maintain it well. For more information, contact a local company, like Hello Garage.