Features To Consider For Your Sunroom Addition

Posted on: 7 October 2021

Adding a sunroom to your house can transform the way you live. With a sunroom, you have a place to enjoy fresh air without having to expose yourself to the less-enjoyable elements of the outdoors, like bugs and rain. A sunroom can be the perfect spot for small parties or dinners with the family. But what features should you aim to include in your sunroom design? Here are a few key points to consider.

Casement Windows

The hallmark feature of a sunroom is that three of the walls are entirely covered in windows. This design lets plenty of sunshine in. But what kind of windows should those windows be? Some homeowners opt for double-hung windows because they have a classic look. However, casements tend to be an even better choice. You can open a casement window just by turning a little crank, which makes things easier when you're opening several at a time. Plus, casement windows are more energy-efficient than other window types, which is important when you have so many windows in one room.

Waterproof Flooring

Whatever type of flooring you ultimately choose for your sunroom addition, make sure it is waterproof. This way, if some rain blows in one night, your flooring won't be ruined. You won't need to worry about people coming in with muddy shoes and ruining your floor, either. Stone tile is a lovely choice because it looks really natural and is a more waterproof option. Ceramic tile also works well, and vinyl is an affordable and suitable option, too.

Heat Pump

Including some sort of heating and air conditioning unit in your sunroom will make the space that much more usable. You can enjoy spending time in there, even when the weather is not perfect. An air-source heat pump tends to be the best choice for a sunroom addition. This type of HVAC system is reversible, meaning you can use it to either heat or cool the space. Heat pumps are generally small. They can be mounted to one wall and controlled with a remote. They're also quite energy-efficient and very affordable in comparison to installing a separate heater and air conditioner.

When planning your sunroom addition, make sure you keep the features above in mind. Waterproof flooring, casement windows, and a heat pump all make living in your sunroom and using the space easier and more enjoyable. Talk to your contractor to learn more about installing a sunroom addition to your home.