Adding A Fireplace To Your Home's Interior

Posted on: 10 November 2022

The addition of a fireplace can be a major change to make to your home, but it can make the interior of the house a much cozier place to be during the winter months. For homeowners that have decided that they want to invest in this upgrade for their homes, there are many options that will be available to them. 

Will Your New Fireplace Have To Be Made Of Brick?

When a person is thinking about adding a fireplace to their homes, they may assume that this will always involve the construction of a brick or stone hearth and mantle. However, this is not the only option that is available. In fact, a homeowner can choose to install a wood stove, which will provide many of the same benefits as a fireplace. However, it will have the added benefits of being significantly more affordable, requiring a shorter installation time, and offering a more rustic look for the home.

Is It Difficult To Install Ventilation For A Fireplace Or Wood Stove?

The installation of a suitable ventilation system will be critical whenever you are installing a fireplace or wood stove in your home. Without this system, the smoke and fumes from the fire will be unable to safely ventilate out of the home. For those that are choosing to install a wood stove in the home, it may be a simple process of simply providing a flue that will allow the smoke and fumes to leave. Additionally, positioning the wood stove near an exterior wall may allow for the flue to be significantly shorter and simpler to install. Those wanting to install a traditional fireplace may have a slightly more complicated time as these will require a full chimney to account for the larger amount of smoke that it will produce.

What Happens If You Are Not Diligent About Cleaning The Ash From The Fireplace?

After each time that you use the fireplace or wood stove, any ash that is in it should be cleaned out. Failing to remove this ash can impact the flow of air to the fire, which can make it harder to sustain a vibrant flame. Also, this could lead to less of the wood being burned before the fire goes out, which could increase your operating costs for the fireplace. Investing in a fireplace cleaning kit can make it easy to remove this ash while also minimizing the risk of accidentally spilling some of it on the floors.

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