• How To Prevent And Treat Lawn Fungus

    If you notice problems with your grass such as gooey substance or brown patches, then you may have a lawn fungus. It's one of those things that are easier to prevent than treat so it's best to take care of your lawn properly to prevent it from happening. Prevention There are several things that you may be doing wrong that could make your lawn more susceptible to lawn fungus. Here are a few of the top errors that cause lawn fungus due to poor maintenance.
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  • Remove Common Ragweed From Your Lawn

    Common ragweed is a plant that contains long, thin leaves that have rounded edges. In the center of each weed's leaves, stalks grow that contain small yellow flowers. Many people are allergic to this weed variety and experience watery eyes and frequent sneezing when exposed to it. If common ragweed is growing on your property and you would like to eliminate it due to allergies, the following tips will help you.
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  • How To Repair Your Broken Refrigerator Cord

    If the electrical cord to your refrigerator has become damaged or compromised, you don't need to get a new fridge. All you need to do is remove the damaged cord and attach a new plug. Here is how you can easily fix your broken or damaged refrigerator cord.  Supplies Wire Cutter Wire Stripper Screwdriver 3-Prong 15 Amp Plug Set-Up This is a fairly quick job, so you do not need to remove all the food from your fridge while you do it.
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